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About us

The India Gate Restaurant is located in Dunedin North DUNE at Princess Street. It is the best pizza restaurant when it comes to Indian cuisines. Whenever you are in Dunedin North and are looking for a pizza restaurant that has the best Indian pizzas, this is the place to be. Some pizza ranges such as the Lamb Korma, the Tandoori Chicken Pizza, the Butter Chicken Pizza and others. Our menu has amazing assortments that are all enjoyable to eat. When you are in the mood for Indian pizza, all you need to do is call the restaurant and place an order. The pizza will be delivered straight to your home or ready for you to pick up.


41 reviews


"Great food, friendly staff, ready when we arrived."


"Always perfect!thanks guys youre the best!"


"Excellent service, not great at estimating delivery times though. Still here in a reasonable amount of time."